kt.tn Features

Great Extensions

We want kt.tn to be available everywhere you want it to be! So there are several extra tools you can use with with your free kt.tn service: nifty bookmarklets, a Ubiquity kt.tn URL shortening script, and several third party tools. Once we release a few more -- currently under development -- we will support several platforms, a key goal here at kt.tn.



kt.tn's design emphasizes speed. Not just as in server fast, but as in process fast. We looked for something simple: to be at a website, think "this is cool," but then shorten the URL, tweet it, and be back at the starting point, all even without ever touching the mouse, if you prefer.



We track your kt.tn URL's visits: when they happened, the visitor's location, the refering website, and, simply, the number of clicks that it got. With kt.tn statistics, you know a link's populaity.

Antispam measures

[Not Only] Software Processing Antispam Measures ([N.O.]S.P.A.M.)

The kt.tn URL shortener has automated spam checks in place, such as Google Safe Browsing, Spamhaus DBL and SURBL. In addition, all URLs reported to us are deactivated.

Lots of Preferences

Lots o' Preferences

We are creating lots of preferences so you can customize kt.tn's behaviour to be exactly as you want it to be. As we continue to work on kt.tn the level of customization is only going to get better and better.