Frequently Asked Questions



How long does a URL last for?

We only ever reclaim a URL if it does not belong to anybody, and it has never been used. URLs that are created via our application programming interface, without a username and password, for example, are not owned by anybody.

If you create a URL within your account, we will never delete it, whether it has ever been visited or not. Once you create it, you own it. Simple.


Are URL statistics unique to a specific URL?

In a word, yes. All statistics presented for a URL are unique to that URL. Every time a redirection request comes in, we record a variety of information -- the time, the unique Internet address for the requesting computer, where they came from -- and save a single record of that redirection. We then use these event records to create the statistical summaries. They only exist for the single URL in question.

Some URL shorteners are setup such that users without accounts share links: they will each get the same URL for a given destination URL. does not do this.


Can I put URLs into my account if I create them in desktop clients?

Yes! Some Twitter clients such as Twitcher or Hotot allow for support and to enter your account in their preferences. Without your username and password we cannot attach your URLs to your account when you create them. But what if a Twitter client does support, but does not allow to enter your credentials? Or if you decide to better not give a certain application your credentials? Here at, we respect your decision. Our solution to this is » URL Claiming«.

Anytime you share an URL on Twitter with an account that you configure with, we will see it after a while, and attach it to your account automatically if it is not already owned by anyone else. You can configure a Twitter account for URL claiming under Account > URL Claims.

Some URL shorteners will never be able to do this because their publicly created URLs are not unique: they are shared by many, many users. All URLs, however, are unique. So, any URL that we find in your Twitter status stream and can attach to your account will still have its statistics intact, and unique to your usage of that URL.