kt.tn Downloads and Other Extras


A bookmarklet is a small application stored as a bookmark within your browser. You do not download bookmarklets per se, but you drag and drop them onto your browser bookmark bar, and then use them from there.

When you click on a kt.tn bookmarklet, for example, it grabs the website address you are at, and gets a kt.tn URL for it, automatically. Bookmarklets are supported in either Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

kt.tn supports three different bookmarklets:


Creates a new kt.tn URL for the website you are at, and open a page for you to quickly tweet it to Twitter, and then send you back again.

kt.tn NW

Creates a new kt.tn URL for ther website you are at, but it opens a new window, which you can then quickly close with a keyboard sequence if you prefer. No countdown, no waiting.


Of course, create a new kt.tn URL too, but instead send you over to Twitter's website to send it out from there.

Drag either to your bookmark bar and give them a try!

kt.tn Ubiquity Script

Ubiquity Scripts

In the beginning of 2009, a script to shorten Nambu Network's tr.im URLs with ubiquitous ease using Mozilla's Ubiquity was written by Dion Almaer. It had been published at his blog.

Since the obvious great thing about Nambu Network's tr.im URLs was the ability to track activity on your URLs, Nambu Network, Inc. (now defunct) had extended this script to include support for a tr.im username and password. That way, you could attach your URL to your account.

Here at kt.tn, we have made this script ready for use with kt.tn, updating it to the newest version of the Ubiquity parser, and adding the ability to remember your kt.tn username and password, after having passed them to the script during first time use (thus removing the need to type them in again during subsequent uses). A great thing about this script is that there is no need to use the mouse -- all can be done with just a few key strokes. Download our version here.

Third Party Tools

Third Party Tools

Add third party tools for kt.tn to create new kt.tn URLs right from your Firefox toolbar, or from within your Twitter client, all without distrupting your workflow.

More to Come

More to Come ...

Here at kt.tn we have more extensions and tools in active development. These are on their way, so stay tuned here for additional kt.tn extras.