About kt.tn

kt.tn is an emerging URL shortening service that prepares great-looking short URLs for services like Twitter. If you send URLs out on Twitter, kt.tn is not only a cool name, it is one of the shortest.

kt.tn constantly collects statistics on your URLs such as how many times they were visited, from which locations, and referred by which websites. They are presented as cool graphical statistics. Therefore, with kt.tn you know exactly how many people clicked on you URLs, and from where.

The kt.tn software is based on tr.im on github, written by Nambu Network, Inc. (now defunct), and Eric Woodward, kindly adjusted to git with the help of Andrew Morris. The software has undergone updates, completions and some smoothing the rough edges by the BestNa.me Labs.


And, of course, kt.tn is absolutely free.


kt.tn is a free service of BestNa.me. BestNa.me is based in Berlin, Germany, and first and foremost, is about fostering the world of URL shortening by great domains and services.

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Contact Us

Contact us at any time via email to info@kt.tn with any complaints, problems or features you would like to see added to kt.tn. If you want something that will make kt.tn more useful to you, we want to know.